How Do You Increase Customer Retention With An Effective Email Loyalty Marketing Campaign

According to TechTarget, customer retention is “a metric that measures customer loyalty, or the ability for an organization to keep its customers over time. In addition to identifying the number of loyal customers, customer retention can reflect or predict customer satisfaction, repurchase behavior, customer engagement and emotional ties to a brand.”

Retaining customers is vital to businesses since they cost of acquiring new customers is a lot higher than keeping the ones you already have. Plus, the customers you already have will have a higher chance of engaging in word-of-mouth marketing.

One form of customer retention is using a compelling email loyalty marketing program. There’s almost four billion email users out there sending 293.6 billion emails in 2019 alone, and that number has undoubtedly grown since then. This shows how big email still is, and remains a valuable business asset in any loyalty marketing campaign.

But how do you use email marketing to keep people coming back, all while boosting brand loyalty? Check out Neal Schaffer’s tips, tricks and best practices for getting the most out of your email loyalty marketing campaigns:

  1. Offer your subscribers quality content – not just promotional content
  2. Give your email subscribers control over the amount of marketing they receive
  3. Re-engage lapsed customers with enticing offers
  4. Personalize the subscribers’ experience
  5. Use your email marketing as a means for two-way communication

Here are three bonus retention stats that you shouldn’t ignore:

Source – Finance Online

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