6 Steps For Targeted Email Marketing That Produces A High ROI

It seems that everything online, just like in real life, is constantly changing, and that includes the email marketing tactics that you use to marketing your business. Despite that though, one of the things that haven’t changed is how important targeted email marketing is.

Regardless of changes we see in our marketing tactics, email marketing is still the most successful channel that marketers have available to them. Email marketing offers an ROI of $42 for every $1 spent.

It’s possible to significantly improve your ROI, sales, and profiles by adopting targeted email marketing. With this type of email marketing, you can ensure that your emails will make an impact in the inbox. With the information you already have at your disposal on your audience, you can send messages that are specifically tailored to a particular set of subscribers.

The benefits you get with targeted email marketing includes:

  1. Improved relevancy
  2. Increased ROI
  3. Better relationships
  4. Longer retention

It doesn’t really matter what products or services your company sells, as long as there’s reading involved, you can used targeted email marketing.

What are 6 steps you can take to execute a successful targeted email marketing strategy? Check out Neal Schaffer’s article where he lists each step, and describes them in detail, so you can utilize them yourselves.

Scott Davenport

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