How And Where To Add Social Media Sharing Buttons

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Are you trying to get more people to share your content with others using social media? If yes, one way to make this happen is to encourage the visitors to your website to share your connection by including social media connections directly through your website.

If you can increase your social media sharing capabilities by adding social media sharing buttons to your website and all of its individual pages, then it will help you gain and build links organically.

Social share buttons give customers the ability to display things like their favorite or relevant content, as well as ecommerce purchases on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or other platforms. The majority of online shoppers and users also use at least one form of social media, so these buttons create free promotion for an online business.

Kristi Hines is here to show you how to add social sharing buttons to your website to increase social media traffic to your website. Check out the link below and check out her column over on Search Engine Journal.

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