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Running a business means you have a lot of different things you’ve got to do to keep things running. One of those things is constantly trying to come up with new types of for your website’s blog, perhaps for your YouTube channel, and different forms of social media. When you’re trying to write for a niche market or specific industry, like HVAC, sometimes it can be a bit difficult, especially if you want it to stand out and have it be relevant.

One thing that connects all of these types of online presences together is the idea of creating content for each of them so people will continue to stay engaged with you and your brand. Without new content coming out on a regular basis, there is always a chance that your business could slow down and possibly lose customers and clients.

If you’re having trouble coming up with content that will bring people to you, then you aren’t the only one. Julia McCoy has a Search Engine Journal post that will help you out if you’re struggling with creating excellent content. She presents 7 different content types that will help bring in links and engagement from potential clients and customers.

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