Twitter Rolls Out Bigger Image Display In Timelines To Users

Twitter is currently rolling out its new new tweet image display format, meaning that users can now see full sized images in their timeline, rather than cropped versions of them. This can bring some positive changes for brands and businesses.

As you can see in the above tweet, you can now see the full image, rather than the cropped version on the left. This can have some interesting business implications. Since you can now see full images in tweets, that means more screen real estate, ultimately leading to more room to share your brand’s message.

In the HVAC industry, if you’re trying to advertise some products and services, and you are a fan of utilizing images in your tweets, then this can be some good news.

Since your images won’t be cut off like they were before, you can implement the images in a way where they will stand out more without worrying about anything being cut off when people scroll past your tweet in their feed.

With this sort of change, it will be great to experiment with the types of images you decide to upload.

Not only will you be able to create more interest tweets where images can become center stage on that tweet, you won’t have to worry about being careful with the dimensions of those images when posting.

According to Nick Cicero of Conviva, there could also be a possible negative implication to displaying the full image in a tweet:

Basically, if you can see the full image in a tweet, you won’t have to tap or click on it to see the full image, and with fewer taps/clicks, comes less tweet engagement. This doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a bad thing if your image-embedded tweet engagement goes down because of this, but it just means you’ll want to keep this in mind if your numbers go down.

Source – Social Media Today

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