SEO Forecasting

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Why Does SEO Forecasting Matter and What Exactly Is It?

What is SEO forecasting, and why is it so important? SEO forecasting entails utilizing data such as keyword volume, click-through rates, and monthly organic traffic to project the potential influence of your SEO endeavors. By utilizing both first-party and third-party data, SEO forecasting estimates the quantity and worth of traffic that your website may receive […]
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What Is SEO Forecasting And How Can You Predict Revenue From Search Volume?

Staying competitive in this current digital world means maximizing your content, which means you have to have an SEO strategy in place. One of the things that is vital to that strategy is SEO forecasting. SEO forecasting is the process of using analytics data from previous search traffic to identify patterns that can help you […]
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A Guide To SEO Forecasting And Why It Matters (Infographic)

Do you have trouble securing investment into SEO initiatives? Is it difficult to explain the potential value of targeting certain keywords within your content process? If so, the team from SEMRush has outlined a formula, which you can find in the below infographic, that estimates the potential value of SEO, based on specific terms and average conversion rates? […]