Introducing Microsoft Insights: Elevating Universal Event Tracking Tags for Enhanced Performance

Gaining Profound Insights into User Engagement: Microsoft\’s Universal Event Tracking (UET) Tags Revolutionize Website Analytics and Ad Campaign Evaluation A comprehensive grasp of user engagement on a website holds utmost significance for businesses, especially when assessing the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. To aid advertisers in achieving this, Microsoft has recently unveiled Universal Event Tracking (UET) […]
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Microsoft Ads: The Secret Weapon To Upselling

When you think about digital ads, we immediately think of something like Google Ads. Sometimes, we don’t even consider Microsoft Ads unless we’re reminded about it. In reality, Microsoft is in no way inferior to Google with its advertising offer. Just like Google, Microsoft offers the possibility to place search engine ads. The ads are […]
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3 Reasons Why You Should Use Microsoft Advertising For Your Business

When you’re doing PPC, the first platform you think of is Google Ads, and on most occasions, you probably wouldn’t even think of Microsoft as another PPC option. That’s ok, because others forget too. But if you do remember to utilize it, Microsoft Advertising will easily help you reach even larger audiences than what you […]
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Crucial Tips For Managing Microsoft Shopping Ads

It seems that everyone is always talking about Google Shopping Ads. You see so many posts and articles about how you can make better shopping ads for Google, the benefits of using it, and the like. Although you can find material regarding Microsoft Shopping Ads, it seems that most of the stuff you find online […]
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Microsoft Ads Releases Dynamic Descriptions For Dynamic Search Ads

On February 22, Microsoft Ads recently launched a feature to their platform, something that is surprisingly unique and not seen on Google Ads – Dynamic descriptions for Dynamic Search Ads. Not only can advertisers present dynamic headlines, they can choose to sere dynamic descriptions to Bing users. The following markets that dynamic descriptions for Dynamic […]
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Facebook Import Is Available In Microsoft Advertising

Recently, Microsoft Advertising made an announcement that said that the company is rolling out a new feature called Facebook Import, which lets marketers import campaigns, ad groups, budgets, creative assets and more from Facebook into the Microsoft Audience Network. With Facebook Import, advertisers can import up to 10,000 campaigns for each campaign per account. Also, you […]