Introducing Microsoft Insights: Elevating Universal Event Tracking Tags for Enhanced Performance

Gaining Profound Insights into User Engagement: Microsoft\’s Universal Event Tracking (UET) Tags Revolutionize Website Analytics and Ad Campaign Evaluation

A comprehensive grasp of user engagement on a website holds utmost significance for businesses, especially when assessing the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. To aid advertisers in achieving this, Microsoft has recently unveiled Universal Event Tracking (UET) tags, providing businesses with the means to amplify website traffic and conversions.

According to Microsoft, here is what UET tags are:

“Microsoft Advertising UET tag is a powerful tool that enables advertisers to unlock a range of features such as conversion tracking, remarketing, and automated bidding strategies. By enabling UET Insights, advertisers can now amplify the value of UET by using additional data signals to gain visibility into their web traffic insights and better their campaign performance.”

UET Insights Unleashes a Dynamic Website Dashboard to Amplify User Engagement Understanding, Empowering Enhanced Webpages and Targeting Optimization for Optimal Conversions.

Unlock a plethora of key features through UET Insights, including:

  • Total visits to your website and number of visits per page
  • Session breakdown by country and device
  • Quick backs (customers who stay on your website for just a few seconds)
  • Time spent on your website

There is no need for coding concerns as the feature will be automatically enabled for existing UET tags. The rollout of this feature is planned for July 3rd of this year. However, if you prefer not to have UET Insights enabled, you have two available options:

  1. To avoid the automatic upgrade, you can simply fill out the opt-out form.
  2. If you wish to opt out after being enabled for UET Insights, you can navigate to the UET Dashboard within the Microsoft Advertising platform.

Source – Microsoft

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