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4 Steps to Power Up Your B2B HVAC Google Ads Campaigns

The B2B HVAC industry is heating up. With more players entering the market and competition growing fiercer, HVAC businesses are facing immense pressure to stand out and generate leads. This is where Google Ads comes in. An optimized Google Ads campaign can provide B2B HVAC companies with a steady stream of qualified leads interested in […]
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How HVAC Contractors Can Use Google Ads to Drive Leads

With summer in full swing, now is the perfect time for HVAC contractors to ramp up their lead generation efforts. One of the most effective ways to drive leads is through Google Ads. Google Ads are pay-per-click ads that allow businesses to advertise on Google and its network of partner sites. For HVAC contractors, Google […]
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Google Ads Unveils Two New Campaign Types: Video Views and Demand Generation

Introducing Google Ads, the renowned platform that revolutionizes businesses\’ engagement with their target audiences by introducing two groundbreaking campaign types: video views and demand generation. These innovative campaigns prioritize video content and ensure maximum visibility across Google-owned and operated properties. Announced at Google Marketing Live 2023 on May 23rd, let\’s delve into the details of […]
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Unlocking the Power of Google Ads: Discover 8 Essential Ad Extensions for a Successful Campaign (Infographic)

To create and launch a successful Google Ads campaign, it\’s essential to have compelling ad copy and targeted keywords. However, that alone is not enough. To truly maximize your campaign\’s potential and capture your audience\’s attention, you must leverage the power of ad extensions. Ad extensions are valuable tools that go beyond ad copy and […]
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Google\’s Latest Move: Integrating Generative AI into Ad Campaigns

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) is currently a hot topic, especially in the SEO and marketing industry, where it facilitates large-scale content creation. Marketers can utilize it to streamline the content creation process, making the process a lot more convenient and efficient. Furthermore, generative AI has enabled marketers to quickly create and deliver thousands of ad […]
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How To Scale Your PPC & Advertising Way Beyond Google Ads

In this episode of Search Engine Journal Show, John Gentry, CEO of OpenX, talk about the opportunities of ad exchanges, distribution beyond Google & Microsoft, how header bidding works, ad opportunities growing on mobile devices and CTV, and the role of identity and cookies in ad targeting.