Unlocking the Power of Google Ads: Discover 8 Essential Ad Extensions for a Successful Campaign (Infographic)

To create and launch a successful Google Ads campaign, it\’s essential to have compelling ad copy and targeted keywords. However, that alone is not enough. To truly maximize your campaign\’s potential and capture your audience\’s attention, you must leverage the power of ad extensions.

Ad extensions are valuable tools that go beyond ad copy and keywords. They enhance your ads by providing additional information and enticing features. If you\’re new to launching a Google Ads campaign and eager to explore the wide range of ad extensions available, take a look at the informative infographic below. It unveils the various ad extensions and how they can boost the effectiveness of your campaign.

This infographic, courtesy of Omnitail, outlines eight Google Ads tips that cover the following ad extensions:

  1. Seller Rating
  2. Call Extension
  3. Sitelink Extension
  4. Location Extension
  5. Structured Snippet Extension
  6. App Extension
  7. Callout Extension
  8. Price Extension

Take advantage of these ad extensions and unlock their potential to enhance the overall impact and success of your Google Ads campaign.


Scott Davenport

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