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15 Facebook Messenger Management Tools You Should Know

As we continue to evolve the way we market our products and goods, the communication between businesses and customers are also changing and evolving. According to Data Portal, the latest figures indicate that roughly 36.8% of all the people on Earth use Facebook today. One of the ways you can communicate with your customers and clients on Facebook is […]
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How To Create Facebook Messenger Ads

Facebook Messenger Ads are a type of ad that lets you speed up and personalize customer interactions, allowing you to reach people faster in today’s highly competitive market. Think of it this way – if you don’t like waiting for an email response or being on hold with customer service, neither do your customers and […]
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How To Use Facebook Messenger Generates Cost-effective and Trackable Leads

Facebook Messenger is a great tool for marketers to take advantage of since it can yield over 80 percent open rates, which is many times more effective than simple email. This means that it\’s a smart idea to develop a marketing strategy around Messenger. The tool has been making it possible to foster quality leads […]