15 Facebook Messenger Management Tools You Should Know

As we continue to evolve the way we market our products and goods, the communication between businesses and customers are also changing and evolving.

According to Data Portal, the latest figures indicate that roughly 36.8% of all the people on Earth use Facebook today. One of the ways you can communicate with your customers and clients on Facebook is through Facebook Messenger, which is is still a relative new comer in social media marketing.

A large number of people who uses Facebook use Messenger to stay connected to both friends and family, as well as businesses.

There are plenty of benefits of using Facebook Messenger for business.

  1. Provides quality customer service
  2. Helps build trust in your brand
  3. Generates high quality leads
  4. Increases intent to purchase
  5. Takes sensitive topics private

If you’re curious about using Facebook Messenger as a form of marketing, as well as keeping in personal contact with your customers, there are some management tools you should know about.

Check out Neal Schaffer’s post where he lists a number of tools you can use to make your Messenger marketing easier and more fulfilling for you and your customers.

Read the full article here on Neal’s site now!

Scott Davenport

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