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Ecommerce Tracking: Setting Your Online Store Up For Success

Do you have an HVAC ecommerce website or page on your HVAC site where you are selling products online for other companies? Do you want to want to explore more opportunities for your ecommerce business? What will you be missing by not tracking your online performance? Find out in this White Shark Media video will […]
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The Psychology Of Pricing: How To Boost eCommerce Sales (Infographics)

eCommerce continues to change the picture in HVAC wholesaling, which has been accelerated by the pandemic-era move toward remote transactions, as well as continuing generational shift in the work force. If you want to find ways to increase your HVAC eCommerce sales and find out how you an price your products effectively using psychology, you […]
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How Do You Leverage Social Media In eCommerce?

Social media has played an important role in business for years now, allowing brands to have a great way to push their messaging to their target audiences. The purpose of social media in the digital marketing space helps companies establish a stronger web presence, generating leads, increased traffic, as well as a great way to […]
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3 Must Know Trends For The Holiday Season

Is your HVAC business ready for online shopping this holiday season? Get acquainted with the latest eCommerce trends to dominate this year. With a little know-how, you can begin to adjust your marketing strategy to match online behavior. Watch this White Shark Media video to learn more.
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What Are The Best Practices You Can Use To Build The Perfect eCommerce Product Page? (Infographic)

Are you selling products on your website? If so, this post is for you. It’s important to understand that the product pages you create for your website are the absolute most important part of your store, not just because you want to inform your customers about what you’re selling and entice them to buy. They […]
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SEO For Ecommerce And The Future of Google Shopping

In this Search Engine Journal video, We see Loren Baker talk with Ethan Giffin, the founder and CEO of Baltimore-based Groove Commerce about overall SEO for eCommerce & DTCs, Google Merchant Center / Shopping, the importance of CRO & Upsells for SEO (and other channels) and ways to prepare for the 2022 Holiday Shopping season. […]