How Do You Leverage Social Media In eCommerce?

Social media has played an important role in business for years now, allowing brands to have a great way to push their messaging to their target audiences.

The purpose of social media in the digital marketing space helps companies establish a stronger web presence, generating leads, increased traffic, as well as a great way to enable social interactions on eCommerce websites.

A well-structured social media strategy is important because it can improve both the development and growth of an eCommerce website or business.

If you want to create a buzz about your eCommerce efforts, you will want to put a lot of effort into the content you create for your social media accounts. If you manage to get the right approach down pat, then you’ll have an incredibly effective advertising strategy that will allow you to promote your good and services with greater success.

To learn ten great ways you can leverage social media in your eCommerce efforts, check out the article posted over on Neal Schaffer’s website that uses the following tactics:

  1. Make use of shoppable tags
  2. Employ Instagram Reels and TicTok
  3. Consider live-streaming
  4. Repost UGC
  5. Provide non-stop support with Messenger Chatbots
  6. Tell about your brands and values
  7. Engage with influencers
  8. Harness post schedulers
  9. Give a playground for reviews
  10. Take advantage of social media targeting

Check out the full post on Neal’s Schaffer’s site.

Scott Davenport

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