Discovery Campaigns

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Scaling Low-Spending B2B HVAC Campaigns for Service and Product Suppliers

Growing an HVAC business in the B2B space can be challenging, especially when working with a limited marketing budget. It’s tough to cut through the noise and reach your ideal customers in a cost-effective way. However, with the right strategies, it is possible to run scaled campaigns that expand your audience and drive real business […]
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Dos and Don’ts For More Successful Campaigns With Google Discovery Ads

Google Discover ads are a special, visually engaging and personalized ad type that appears in Google’s feeds on various platforms like YouTube, Google and Gmail. This ad type is meant to reach audiences in the moment when they are ready to discover new products and services. According to Google: “The placement of Discovery ads is determined […]
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Google Ads Introduces New Recommendations For Discovery Campaigns

recently, Google Ads has introduced a new set of recommendations for Discovery and Video campaigns. According to Google, discovery campaigns “let you share your brand’s story with people across Google’s feeds when they’re open to discovering new products and services. Rich and relevant creative: Inspire consumers as you showcase your brand or products in visually engaging images, […]