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3 Paid Media Tools To Help You Process Your Data

If you want to be successful with your PPC campaigns, you first have to focus on great data. But, in order to obtain this data, you need to process it. 3 Paid Media Tools to Help You Process Your Data: Triple Whale – a server-side pixel that tracks all your first-party data Hyros – use tracking to […]
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How Do You Turn Data Into Insights And Impactful SEO Strategies?

When you\’re doing SEO for your business, you\’ll find yourself neck deep in to a lot of data from Google Analytics. In the beginning, it can seem really overwhelming, especially when you don’t know what to do with it. As you learn more about what that data means and what it means, the more you […]
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How Do You Tell Stories With Data?

In the age of digital marketing, data is worth more than you know. Without the data you would collect from analytics, we wouldn’t have anything to go off of, and any future marketing strategy would fail. Nancy Duarte, the CEO of Duarte Inc, said that “the findings [from the data], though, will stay buried without […]