Data Analysis

Mastering Data Analytics for In-house Marketing Teams

Are you a member of an internal marketing team in the HVAC industry looking to expand your knowledge of data analytics? If that\’s the case, you\’ve come to the perfect place. In today\’s digital era, data plays a vital role in shaping marketing strategies and decision-making processes. However, delving into the realm of marketing analytics […]
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How Do You Turn Data Into Insights And Impactful SEO Strategies?

When you\’re doing SEO for your business, you\’ll find yourself neck deep in to a lot of data from Google Analytics. In the beginning, it can seem really overwhelming, especially when you don’t know what to do with it. As you learn more about what that data means and what it means, the more you […]
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What Are Some Ways Data Analysis Can Help Generate New Ideas To Optimize Your Content?

Content optimization is an important task for SEOs because without it, it’s unlikely that your content will be found by your audience. If you optimize your website’s content for search engines, people and potential customers, then they will naturally begin finding it on their own. So we know it’s a good idea to do SEO […]
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What Are The Top Data Analysis Mistakes Digital Marketers Make?

People make mistakes. After all, they\’re human, right? Who else are also human? Marketers. Just like everyone else, they make mistakes as well when doing reporting data analysis. Even the most experienced digital marketer will mess up here and there. The only downside is that if a digital marketer makes a mistake, it will lead […]