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Do You Want To Improve Your Content Approach? (Infographic)

When creating content, you want to make sure you’re doing it right. The content you create helps to communicate your message, educate your readers, and persuading them to purchase your products and services over your competition. By giving your followers high quality content, you can attract clients and create interest in your business. Knowing this, […]
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What Are Some Great Tactics For Advanced Google Ads Audience Targeting?

Do you remember how back in the day, when you wanted to market something, you would rely mostly on keywords to help drive the success of your PPC marketing efforts? Unfortunately, it’s not quite that easy anymore. There are so many different ways to market these days, and it can be overwhelming. One of the […]

Optimized Targeting Expand Your Audience To The Ones With The Best Chance Of Converting

For some Google Ads accounts, a brand new \”Signal\” has started popping up, which can be found under the Demographics tab and is focused on optimizing targeting. This new feature is now rolling out to Google Ads managers now. Ginny Marvin, the Google Ads Liaison, recently tweeted that optimizing targeting “uses audience & demo inputs […]
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The Importance of Understanding Your Audience

In this Search Engine Journal video, Chris Brogan, Brian Clark, and Loren Baker talk about the importance of building an audience, the value of an email list, the importance of purging an email list and also how to maintain an audience and launch several ventures or businesses by understand your HVAC audience and their wants […]