7 Tips On How To Effectively Format Your Blog Posts And Boost Engagement

There are plenty of times that when somebody visits your blog and they end up just clicking away without reading much or engaging with it. It happens. the idea of this can be disheartening to the best of us.

But why would they just click away from your blog in the first place? You know your content is awesome, and that should be more than enough, right?

Chances are, the reason why your visitors are leaving could be because of your blog’s formatting. With the right formatting, the visitors that are leaving may end up staying long enough to read through your content, and even engage with it.

But what is blog formatting?

SEMrush says that “blog formatting is the process of structuring your article aimed at highlighting the key messages and improving the reader’s experience. It includes mapping the header structure, boosting readability, using visual elements to guide the reader, and applying consistent style guidelines.”

SEMrush has come up with 7 tips on how you can format your blog posts that will end up boosting the engagement of your blog posts.

These tips include:

  1. Analyze search intent to understand how to present your content
  2. Choose the relevant blog post format
  3. Create an effective title to catch the reader’s attention
  4. Create an outline that delivers your goals
  5. Format your text to make it easier to navigate
  6. Focus on improving your copy’s readability
  7. Optimize your text for conversion and add clear CTAs

Scott Davenport

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