Why Should You Start Creating Videos Now?

It’s well known that content is a great way to build a brand for your business, and reaching your target audience. But one of the forms of content marketing that has grown in significance is video marketing. According to a report by Demand Metric, 83 percent of marketers say that video is more important than ever.

It’s fair to say that “video is becoming more and more popular everyday,” but now, it’s at the point where it’s there. It’s the big thing now. It’s all over the place and everybody loves it.

Are you creating video content for your audience? If you aren’t, it’s something you should honestly think about doing now. After all, there’s no better time.

If you are asking “what is video content,” then you’re either new to marketing or aren’t sure about the lingo. In short, video content encompasses any kind of video that you create for your marketing or advertising. Video is one of the most powerful marketing tools in your arsenal.

It can come in a number of forms, and it can be in any length, and can be shared on your own website, on social media, in your email, and in your ads.

Search Engine Land has created a video content guide that will help you get started with video creation and best practices.

Their list of best practices includes:

  • Setting goals
  • Choosing your video formats and theme
  • Determining where you’ll host your videos
  • Researching video topics and keywords
  • Script each vieo
  • Invest in production for long-form videos
  • Optimize each of your video

Check out the full Search Engine Land post get more details on the best practices, along with three video formats with examples!

Scott Davenport

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