How Do You Improve The Rankings For Older Content?

It’s important for your business to keep people coming back to your website, right? Of course it is! One of the ways you can do that is to create new content to keep them coming back. But, at the same time, you should give them more reasons to come back without having to do that.

Sometimes it’s better for your SEO, traffic, and revenue streams to optimize the content that you already have.

Did you know that the number of publishers who choose to update their existing content keeps increasing? The result of this tactic is that the older content is more likely to improve rankings for that site.

Source – Orbit Media

Optimizing your older posts allows you to expand on them, which improve the quality of that content. Plus, It’s easier to expand upon content at exists, then create new content from scratch.

Over on Ask An SEO, Faith asked the following question:

“I have a few keywords ranking on the fourth or fifth page of Google.

It’s been a year ranking at this position. What should I do to improve the rankings now?”

Adam Riemer from Adam Riemer Marketing shares his response with Miranda Miller, Writer & Editor, in this edition of Ask An SEO.

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