3 Tips On How To Maximize Twitter Video For Marketing

By now, you’ve likely heard that video has become not only an engaging content format these days, but the most engaging content format. No matter if you’re talking about short-form clips or regular-length formats, all video formats are worth considering for your digital marketing strategy.

The very nature of video makes it more likely to stand out in the Twitter feed. It takes up more space than a text Tweet and the motion draws attention as folks scroll past.

Not only is video useful for capturing the attention of your followers on Twitter, you can use it to capture attention in trending conversations as well. If you post a hashtag along side a video, you\’ll really stand out.

According to the 2018 State of Social Video survey, it was found that consumers want video. Video was named their favorite type of content to see from brands on social media

Although Twitter hasn’t quite gone the way of TikTok with shorter clips, it has decided to give video content more of a focus with full-screen video display formats, and a new video-specific feature section within the Explore tab.

Over on Social Media Today, Andrew Hutchinson has listed three tips from Twitter that provides additional direction for video content in the app.

  1. Keep videos short
  2. Include product, people and Prominent branding
  3. Connect with what’s happening

To read more details on these points, make sure to check out the Andrew’s post on Social Media Today!

Scott Davenport

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