How Do You Use Google’s Structured Markup Helper?

What is Google’s Markup Help and what can it do to help you out with structured data? According to Google, “The Structured Data Markup Helper helps you mark up elements on your web page so that Google can understand the data on the page.” It can even help you change your email templates, which will allow Gmail to present the data to the user in useful ways.

Structured data is most often categorized as quantitative data, and it’s the type of data most of us are used to working with. Think of data that fits neatly within fixed fields and columns in relational databases and spreadsheets. It’s something that can include names, dates, addresses, credit card numbers and the like.

In a nutshell, structured data is data that is highly organized and easily understood by machine language.

There are some SEO professionals and marketers who are familiar with the term structured data, and some that aren’t, and that’s ok.

If you’re looking for help with structured data, you can find some help in a Search Engine Journal article, written by Brian Frederick where he gives you tips on how you can use the Structured Data Markup Helper to easily add it to your site.

Scott Davenport

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