Social Media Size Guide Update 2021 (Infographic)

With the advent of social media, it seems that our average attention span has gotten shorter the more we use it. These days, it can be really easy to get somebody’s attention, but it’s just as easy to lose it again.

This is why having a really cool visual can mean the world when it comes to getting the attention of quick-scrolling followers. This shows that visual content is a key driver of engagement on any social media platform. Posting something that is visually catchy will end up generating 94% more views.

If you aren’t utilizing the new visual options available to you through the likes of Twitter Fleets, Instagram Reels, and Pinterest as an example, then it’s time to make sure you focus on visual within your social media.

The Social Media Guide For Best Image Sizes has this overview of the important visual requirements for all social media platforms:

Scott Davenport

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