1.8 Billion People Are Using Facebook Groups Each Month

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Social media can be a godsend for all sorts of businesses, and the HVAC industry is no different. Facebook is a social media platform that has been quite popular, and is a great place to advertise your business. It’s one thing to have a regular page for HVAC, but have you ever thought about creating a specific Facebook Group?

According to a recent research study by NYU’s The Governance Lab, Groups have become more prevalent in people’s lives. This group has examined how Groups lets people form meaningful communities that wouldn’t otherwise exist offline.

The study claims that 77% that were polled said that out of all of their groups and circles, the most important ones are online, so this is why creating a group specifically for your business or industry is especially important in these days.

In a Search Engine Journal post, Matt Southern goes into more detail about the importance of Facebook Groups, so it would be a good idea to check it out and determine if you think creating a Facebook Group for your business is a good idea or not.

Read more over here at Search Engine Journal.

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