YouTube Will Add New Ways For Creators to Make Money

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In case you didn’t know (which is unlikely in this day and age), YouTube is a pretty big thing. You can post all the videos you want for other people to enjoy. YouTube is full of incredible videos that range from political to useful to just plain silly and fun.

As we know, it’s possible to monetize your YouTube channel, allowing you to make money based off the video content you create for your audience. Right now, YouTube wants to roll out some more money making opportunities for their creators, as well as ways to make money directly from viewers.

Neal Mohan, YouTube’s Chief Product Officer, put out a blog post that shows how the company wants to invest in the “next generation” of videos, including the TikTok like YouTube Shorts in the US, which was launched last year in India.

What are some of the other ways YouTube is planning on giving more monetization opportunities for its creators?

Read more here to find out!

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