Structure Best Practices: How to Create Your Campaigns & Ad Groups

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More than likely, your HVAC site is utilizing paid search to help get it out there to the audience that matters. Account structure is a critical element for ensuring paid search success. But what should you do in order to make sure your campaigns are going to be as successful as possible? There are some best practices that you want to make sure you’re taking advantage of in order to make your campaigns successful.

Being able to adopt structure and group best practices will help make sure your keywords, ad messages, and landing pages are laid out correctly so that it works best with your business’s intentions and objectives. Don’t just think about the first few steps of the process and see what happens. You really need to make sure you follow through.

Check out Search Engine Journal’s post, written by Ilya Cherepakhin, and see what best practices you want to focus on.

Read the full post here.

Scott Davenport

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