WordPress Considers Dropping Support for IE 11

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In an announcement, WordPress is thinking about if it should drop Internet Explorer 11 support, but not without seeking feedback from users. There would be both positive and negative consequences for doing this though.

By dropping support for IE 11, it would free up development time, as well as free up company funds for use on other things. WordPress code upkeep can be quite expensive.

Of course, the downside is that there are some people who are forced to use IE 11 do for several reasons, including legal ones. By removing support for IE 11, this will mean that a good number of users will not be able to visit sites utilizing WordPress. According to Kinsta, 40% of all websites are utilizing the website platform.

At the time of this writing, it seems that WordPress hasn’t made a decision yet to drop IE 11, which is why they are seeking feedback from as many people as they can.

Source – Search Engine Journal

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