Will Using .us TLD Versus .com Affect My Site’s SEO?

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In a recently Search Engine Journal’s Ask An SEO, a question was posed for the SEJ team to discuss:

“I have a .us domain. I just also purchased the .com equivalent. From an SEO perspective, does it matter which one I use? My intent right now is to stick with .us and redirect any .com traffic to the original URL. Thoughts?”

This sort of question is actually something that is more common than you think, as several tests have been completed to see the actually discrepancy between a site that ends in .us and one that ends in .com. You can check out one of the tests by Bill Hartzer.

Check out the entire column over on Search Engine Journal to see if using .us or .com really effects your site. You’ll also be shown what you should consider and what optimizations are important for your TLD to rank well.

Read More Here.

Scott Davenport

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