Why Isn’t Google Showing The Sitelinks I Want?

It can suck when we don’t have full control over everything in our business. Don’t get me wrong, when working on something like your website and all the content within it, you totally have all the control in the world. But once it gets posted online, all the external stuff has different ideas. You can’t control the people who visits or doesn’t visit your site. You can’t control everything Google does when your content gets ranked in the SERPs.

There was somebody who recently discovered this as well.

Over on Search Engine Journal, in an “Ask An SEO” article, somebody posted the following question:

“How do I remove transactional landing pages such as “Restaurant branding agency” off my Google organic sitelinks and instead have main pages of my website such as ”about” ”services” “contact”, and blog?

I have implemented all the instructions to influence sitelinks, but I haven’t managed to change them so far.”

This is a good example of not being able to control everything. There’s only so much you can do yourself. But there might be a way you can influence which sitelinks show up in the SERPs.

Check out the Kayle Larkin’s post on the matter over here for how you can gain some more control over what shows up on the search results.

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