When Is Paying For Facebook Ads Engagement Worth It?


Do you ever think about how things used to be? It can be very nostalgic for sure. I remember how things used to be with Facebook, and how people used to advertise (not like we do today) their businesses, brands, products and services. Back in the day, Facebook never had an advertising program like we have now, and because of it, we are seeing totally different ways of businesses\’ market themselves.

Unfortunately, from a business standpoint, things have now become more pay-to-win. Because of this, if you\’re a small business or are just unlucky enough to not have a big marketing budget, you won\’t be able to get the same level of advertising coverage as some of your bigger competition.

There is something you might want to consider though – regardless of whether you’ve been in the industry for years, or you’ve just started out as a company, you will want to think about when you should spend money on advertising or pass up on the opportunity.

If you do decide paying for engagement on Facebook, you will want to check out the tips on maximizing your ROI from Brooke Osmundson on Search Engine Journal.

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