What Lead Magnets Will Sabotage Your List Growth? What Should You Do Instead?

A lead magnet is a marketing term for a free item or service that is given away for the purpose of gathering information from people, such as email addresses, and other types of contact details. These freebies could include trial subscriptions, samples, white papers, e-newsletters, and free consultations.

When you are looking for lead magnet ideas, it’s easy to find ones that don’t work very well, or don’t stick, which won’t help you build that email list that you need to create a list of potential customers and clients in the future.

In this video, Wes McDowell discusses specific lead magnets that just doesn’t work and how he’d fix them.

Scott Davenport

Scott Davenport is the content writer and social media man of Thrive Business Marketing and Thrive HVAC in Portland Oregon. Writing about the current events of the SEO world, as well as tips and advice that fellow SEOs could use to improve their own SEO campaigns and shares it for the whole world to see!

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