The Rush To Electrify

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From an environmental standpoint, in order to decarbonize the world (or at lease our society), we are trying to move towards a more electrified future. More businesses are getting on board with the electrification movement, and it shouldn’t come to a surprise to anybody, as we see this happening on the news, as well as in the paper.

Of course, a full transition from fossil fuels to renewable clean energy won’t happen overnight, as the need to do is is growing more and more urgent. Luckily, more and more policy shaking efforts have been taking root. Electricity can effectively replace fossil fuels, which can have a number of benefits.

Earlier this month, Joanna R. Turpin has had a post on the transition to alacrity over on ACHR, and it could give everyone in the HVAC industry something to think about as we reach farther into the future of HVAC technology

Check it out over here to read what Joanna has to say on the matter.

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