What Is Your Next Search Intent?

Search intent is the purpose of a user\’s search. It can also be referred to as audience, user or keyword intent.

Because of the adjustments made to the likes of Google Hummingbird, Google RankBrain, and other algorithms, Google automatically interprets search intent and displays the appropriate results that align with it.

At first, we saw SEO focusing on keyword optimization, but because of the various adjustments and updates made to the algorithms, Google has gotten smarter. This will cause a shift its focus onto the user’s experience, as well as providing search results that give searchers the best results it can.

In a nutshell, satisfying search intent is a critical component of our daily SEO work.

In this episode of Whiteboard Friday, Ola will discuss what “next search intent” is, why it’s important, and how you can optimize it.

Scott Davenport

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