What Is Long-Form Content And How Do You Use It?

If you ask multiple content marketers about long-form content, you will likely get different answers. One person might say that long-form content is a gamble, seeing how people these days have short attention spans. The other person will tell you that creating longer articles are a great way to engage with readers, offering genuine value and rewarding experience.

In a Search Engine Journal article, long-form content can be many different things. Not only can it be a lengthy blog post, it can be:

  • 40-minute podcast episodes
  • 20-minute YouTube tutorials
  • 60-minute webinars
  • Longer carousel posts on Instagram or LinkedIn

In her SEJ post, Adriana Stein discusses the difference between long-form and short-form content, as well as how to write long-form content. She guides us through the process through a number of different steps:

  1. Finding your content’s purpose
  2. Creating a story that helps to drive engagement
  3. Writing enough to content to convey your message
  4. Breaking up text with things like visuals and a well-designed page
  5. Promotion and repurposing of content

Finally, she gives several great content examples of long-form content.

Check out Adriana’s post over on SEJ right here for the full guide!

Scott Davenport

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