5 Phases of Lead Scoring for CRM Marketing

With a rise in first-party data, CRM digital marketing is on the rise for 2023.

Something that we need to keep in mind is not all digital marketers, are speaking the same language.

In this Ignite Visibility video, PPC expert, John Lincoln, will show you his own framework for CRM lead scoring, which is found in his book, Advolution.

5 Different Phases of Lead Scoring Within a CRM

  1. Contact: information that exists within a database, without any qualifications
  2. Lead: someone who is an MQL, but hasn\’t been qualified… yet.
  3. MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead): someone who has entered your funnel through a marketing-qualified channel. Your marketing does the qualification here.
  4. SQL (Sales Qualified Lead): someone who is a qualified customer, who is interested in signing up, and who has all the different requirements needed for business. Your sales team does the qualification here.
  5. Customer: someone who has bought your product or service

Scott Davenport

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