What Are Ways You Can Get More Followers On Twitter

Twitter, the micro-blogging platform, is ever growing and developing, but what is your strategy regarding getting more followers?

We know that having a good-sized following is a reflection of your brand’s popularity. Having a lot of Twitter followers can have its advantages, so thinking of ways to gain Twitter followers over time is something you will always want to think about.

There are several benefits why you will want to increase them:

  1. To build brand awareness
  2. To improve organic SEO
  3. To increase web traffic
  4. To promote your product/service
  5. To have better user engagement
  6. To increase sales

So, how do we increase our Twitter following with the least amount spent on paid promotion?

Neal Schaffer has an article that covers what we need to know about Twitter marketing, the benefits that goes along with it, and the most popular ways to increase follower growth.

He will show you the top 12 ways you can grow your Twitter account!

Check it out now on his website!

Scott Davenport

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