17 Items You Need To Help Your Professional LinkedIn Profile To Shine

There are many people on LinkedIn who typically make their profile simply an afterthought, as a good number of LinkedIn members will have it half-done, or just have bits of their resume copy and pasted in. These folks tend to be in the frame of mind that LinkedIn won’t help find the job they really want, so why bother making your profile really shine?

It’s time to change this frame of mind, because LinkedIn will actually have a lot of opportunities for those on the job market, and allow them to find good business connections. Plus, seeing that LinkedIn has 722 million users, it’s a good idea to fix up your profile right now.

Neal Schaffer is here to provide you with updated information on all of LinkedIn’s changes over the years so that you can create the perfect profile on the platform.

Read Neal’s article over on his website right now to learn more!

Scott Davenport

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