What Are The Steps You Need To Take To Develop A Personal Brand?

Developing a personal brand identity is important for anybody in their respective field because it allows them to show the world what he or she is about as an individual.

By having a developed personal brand, a person will be able to show the skills and qualities that they have, defining what makes them important or different from others. After all, it’s competitive out there, and you want to find that competitive edge that will help you win out over the competition.

The benefits to a personal brand by LinkedIn:

  1. It builds trust with your audience, employees, potential prospects, among others
  2. It helps you build a network of connection people with you, allowing you to become a specific to them in your field.
  3. IT builds credibility as a thought-leader or expert in your field.
  4. You’ll build confidence while developing your personal brand, which comes from your positive qualities and strengths that you share with the public.
  5. It helps you build authenticity, helping you grow from “something you believe to something you live out day to day.”

We know that it’s important to create a personal brand, but how do you actually do it though? What should be your plan to develop great influence?

Michael Stelzner wrote an article that will help us discover a three-step process for building a personal brand that will help you get noticed by others.

This process includes:

  1. Positioning.
  2. Build something to demonstrate your brand. .
  3. Promote your brand.

Check out Michael’s article over on Social Media Examiner to get the detail on these steps to developing a personal brand.

Scott Davenport

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