What Are The 10 Best Ways You Can Increase Brand Awareness Quickly?

Have you spent a good amount of time building your brand over the years? You probably know how difficult it can be to build it from the ground up.

But, there is a difference between build a brand and actually capturing your target customer or client is a whole different beast.

It doesn’t matter how big you are, brand awareness is going to be a constant factor to the success of your business.

Why is brand awareness so important? If you’ve gotten this far without really utilizing it, then why do it now? If you can maintain a high level of brand awareness, you’re more likely to generate much more revenue because people are more likely to buy from familiar brand names compared to unknown ones.

There are three levels of brand awareness:

  1. Awareness of your name
  2. Awareness of your products/services
  3. Awareness of your brand characteristics, such as your brand logo, messaging, and the like

There are a number of ways you can improve your brand awareness, which SEMrush covers in an article on their site:

  1. Have a concrete, holistic marketing strategy
  2. Incentivize customers to leave reviews
  3. Encourage employees to give honest feedback
  4. Invest in great PR service
  5. Try experimental marketing
  6. Use new social media platforms
  7. Find and take guest blogging opportunities
  8. track brand awareness data and share your success
  9. Network within your industry
  10. improve your share of voice

Check out SEMrush’s site to get more detail on each of these ten points here!

Scott Davenport

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