What Are Some Of The Worse Marketing Disasters, And What Can We Learn From It To Be Better Marketers?


There are a lot of cringy, terrible, horrible and just plain bad ads out there. Seeing these types of marketing ploys can really put a bad taste into the mouths of potential clients, and for your HVAC business, every business opportunity counts.

Typically, all finished advertisements go through a process involving several steps before they even see the light of day. Somebody will come up with an idea or concept, where they get approved by several marketing leaders or upper management, and are usually checked for quality control before going live.

Despite these steps being taken, there are some advertisements that are just horrendous that somehow make it through the cracks and make it out to the public. The most unfortunate part of this is that no brand is safe from comping up with bad ideas for advertisements. Let\’s just hope that for the sake of your HVAC business, you have the sense not to let everybody see them.

At the same time, we love seeing some of these bad advertising slip-ups because it is fun to laugh at, but at the same time, they can be a learning experience, especially if you are brand who is trying to come up with some clever marketing ideas.

So waht are some of the worst marketing disasters of all time, and how can we learn from them? Check out Search Engine Journal’s post below and find out!

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Scott Davenport

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