Video Advertising: Now Is the Time to Give It a Try


People love video content because it is easy to digest and engaging, and because of that, marketers are able to use it to potentially get a huge ROI through a number of various channels. Video is really accessible to anybody who has internet access.

But despite all of this, there are advertisers who are still resisting using video advertising, which is crazy if to think about.

Over half (50.9%) of all B2B decision-makers are using YouTube to research future purchases. Once seeing the videos on that channel, out of all of those viewers, 70% of them decided to go with that B2B brand.

But why are there advertisers who are still refusing to use video advertising? If you are one who still hasn’t been convinced, check out the article written by Pauline Jakober, CEO of Group Twenty Seven.

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Scott Davenport

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