What Are Some Mistakes That You’re Making That Is Ruining Your Social Media Engagement?

When it comes to social media, it isn’t just about the amount of followers you have. It’s how engaged your audience is with you and your brand. Are your followers commenting on your posts? Do you see some accounts engaging with you a lot, while others just sit in the background not saying or doing anything?

No mater how many people are following you on places like Twitter and Facebook, if they just aren’t engaging with your posts over time, it can be difficult to recover.

Just when you think you’re doing really well, you do something that just destroys all the work you’ve done to build up your following. What are these mistakes that you’re making that causes this to happen?

Neil Patel talks about 7 beginner mistakes that you could be making that will have negative effects on your social media engagement. Check it out!

Scott Davenport

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