What Are Some Image Rules For The Top 7 Social Networks?

As any marketer would know, visuals and images helps increase engagement. Did you know that content with images receives up to 40% more shares than content without it? As humans, we rely so much on our vision to perceive the world, so it would make sense that we make decisions based on what we see.

Part of the decision-making process happens in the visual cortex of the brain. This means that the moment somebody looks at your content, they will be thinking about what their next step is gong to be, whether it’s a social media share or answering a Call To Action. This is why having visuals that catches your eye is so important to your content marketing.

According to Neal Schaffer, 87% of total Facebook interactions, including clicks, comments and sharing, can be attributed to photos alone. Twitter gets 150% more retweets, 89% more favorites and 18% more clicks.

So if images are so important to social networks, what are some of the important rules you should follow to make sure your image game is successful?

Neal Schaffer will let you know about the rules for the top social networks out there to get more shares and engagement.

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Scott Davenport

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