What Are Some Dos and Don’ts For Writing A Great About Us Page?

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What are some of the important area of your HVAC website? Is it the content that you’ve created in your business blog? Is it the pages that describes the products or services you provide to your B2B clients? These types of pages are naturally important for sure. After all, you’ll need great content overall in order to pull in potential clients for both engagement and conversions.

Despite knowing how important these types of things are for your site in regards to SEO and traffic, did you ever stop to think about your brand’s About Us page? I’m sure there’s a number of brands and businesses that haven’t thought too much into creating an excellent About page, and because of that, might end up losing some of those possible clients I mentioned earlier.

The folks who visit your site might want to make sure they know what kind of business they’re dealing with before they decide to commit to doing business with you.

I’m sure you can tell this far into this post that About Us pages are the focal point and something you should make sure you put some effort into when creating or updating your brand website.

In a guide written by Jessica Foster on Search Engine Journal, they cover who and what about your About page is important, and what you should and shouldn’t do when creating an incredible About Us page.

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