What Are 4 Reasons Click Volume Decrease

Clicks are one of the primary interactions an advertisers desires for the ad, as it is a way to evaluate how well your advertisement worked in order to gain engagement, to achieve a particular audience, and to grow the amount of sales you get for your brand.

Clicks are a type of interaction that gives you a count on how many people clicked on your ad to reach out to your website to know about your product or service. Clicks can be seen as a positive form of interaction since it shows how many people are interested in what your brand is selling.

When it comes to your search volume, have you noticed that the number of clicks you’ve gotten have dropped? If so, you might be wondering what you’re doing that is causing this to happen. This is an issue you’ll want to correct as soon as possible, because the more clicks you miss out on, the more sales you’re missing out on.

So what do yo udo when your click volume suddenly goes down? What can you do to fix things?

According to Brooke Osmundson, you need to just dig in and go deeper. You need to analyze below the surface of the campaign level and see what’s going wrong.

In her post on Search Engine Journal, they’ll talk about the basic of CTR, and what it means, as well as the key areas you’ll want to cover to help dig into the performance that identifies the reason your click volume went down.

The four reasons why your click volume has dropped are:

  1. Quality Score drop
  2. Low impressions
  3. New Ads
  4. Your competitors have outbid you

Brooke’s article goes into further detail about the aforementioned reasons. Make sure to check it out to see if her article can help you get your click volume back in line.

Scott Davenport

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