Understanding AI and its Impact on SEO: Will ChatGPT and Bard Take Over SEO?

Given the current hype around AI, it\’s not surprising that social media, blog posts, and articles tend to exaggerate its potential to take over SEO in some compacity. Undoubtedly, artificial intelligence will revolutionize not just SEO but a number of industries and online realms. We can thank this because of the remarkable advancements made in AI.

In the following Ahref video, you\’ll gain a basic understanding of AI and its subcategories, such as NLP, machine learning, and deep learning. Additionally, you\’ll discover how large language models like ChatGPT function, along with their strengths, weaknesses, and limitations. Armed with this knowledge, you\’ll be better equipped to decide when, where, and how to incorporate AI into your SEO efforts.

Ultimately, once AI becomes fully integrated into SEO, the industry\’s winners and losers will emerge. Be sure to watch the video to grasp the impact AI tools will have on SEO.

Scott Davenport

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