Two Ways You Can Disconnect And Delete A LinkedIn Connection

On many social media platforms, there are usually an easy way of unfriending or removing people from your friend/connection list. On Facebook, you just find that person’s profile, tap below the friend icon below the cover photo, and tap Unfriend, and you’re good. On Twitter, you find the person who you wish to unfollow, and click the Following button. Easy peasy.

But it seems that doing the similar think on LinkedIn is quite different and not as easy to do. There are some great standards and safety protocols for connecting two people on LinkedIn, there still might be some legit reasons why you may not want some people connected to you through LinkedIn.

If that’s the case, you will want to remove somebody from your list of connections since there will be reasons you feel they shouldn’t be there anymore.

Neal Schaffer wrote a short article where he talks about a couple different ways you can easily remove unwanted people from your connection list on LinkedIn.

Check it out over here if you’re interested in finding out more!

Scott Davenport

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