Increase Your Revenue Through SEO Cross-Selling

For a basic cross-platform advertising definition, you can think of it in the sense of any other advertising campaign, except it straddles multiple channels, including the likes of radio, TV, paid search, social media, and the like.

If you focus on just one thing, you are seriously missing out. As an example, only about two percent of the consumers who visit your website will end up converting. That’s not a lot.

But if you can cover more gerund with your advertising efforts, such as putting your content or product/service advertisements on something like social media, or TV, then you’re really improving your chances of being seen by a potential customer.

A cross-platform advertising strategy is your greatest chance of growing your clients in the digital space and scale their brand. Consider SEO, one of the main strategies that will help increase the overall online presence of any business.

Watch this video by White Shark Media to learn more about creating a win-win strategy. Maximize growth for you and your clients by closely looking at the SEO cross-selling basics.

Scott Davenport

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