Twitter Releases New Insights Into How Users Are Planning For The Post-Pandemic Future (Infographic)

The events of 2020 have really shaken things up, as they are still affecting us today, a little over a year after the pandemic began. Everyone had to place things on hold, both personally and professionally, in order to try keeping everything under control as much as possible.

The HVAC industry has certainly taken a hit. In its own survey, by the Air Conditioning Contractors of America, over 70 percent of respondents feel that the medical implications of the pandemic to las up to three months. Another 65% of respondents expect COVID-19 to translate into long-term business viability concerns; 9% are concerned their businesses may not survive.

Right now, we don’t really know when everything will get back to normal, but we are doing our best to do so. The vaccine is on it’s way to everyone, and offices are making the attempt to re-open. Even with this news, there are many who are unsure about getting things fully back to normal, which makes sense with everything currently going on.

According to a new study, which was conducted by Twitter, it seems that optimism is on the rise, at least, among Twitter users. The data from the study came from 1,000 people’s insight on how they plan for the future, post-pandemic.

The data shows that Twitter users might be reevaluating any of their financial services providers.

Check out the results overview in the infographic below. 

Twitter planning insights

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